Wedel Oak Woods

Wedel Oak Woods is an amazing place. At nearly 400 acres, it has some of the best wetlands, prairies and oak woodlands southern Wisconsin has to offer. The expanse of their place is breathtaking, and one can truly get lost here - a step back in time. The real gems are the expansive sedge meadows. These sedge meadows not only have many rare and uncommon plant species, they also have many rare and uncommon insects - a testimony to outstanding land stewardship.   

"We met David Cordray after the Landowner Incentive Program recommended him to help us in our restoration efforts. That turned out to be a most welcome gift, as David is very knowledgeable about all aspects of prairie and savanna restoration, and is willing and able to impart this to us to aid in our own planning and implementation.


As such, he has helped combat reed canary grass, garlic mustard and brambles. We have cleared downed timber and logs to be able to mow brambles. We have cleared unwanted trees to give young oaks light. His and our vision for the conservation of our land work perfectly together, and we trust his expertise."


"David works well with us and seems to never tire. We feel blessed to now count him as a friend."


                                                       ~The Wedel family, "Wedel Oak Woods"

Burn season fall 2015