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Trout stream restoration


Kris & Penny Kubly (and David) inspecting some microhabitat features along their newly restored stream.


This stream was completely closed in with mostly box elders and honeysuckle. The woody vegetation was removed, and the banks reshaped. We mapped out all the ecological features such as springs, seeps, desireable stands of vegetation, etc. and ensured these areas were not damaged by the heavy machinery. Many microhabitat features were added such as trout lunker structures, basking logs and rocks, snake and turtle hibernaculum, waterfalls, eddy pools, deep pools, warm-water basins, and mud flats. Native vegetation was planted in all the disturbed areas. 


This project has enabled habitat connectivity between the upland prairies and oak woodlands north of the stream, and the sedge meadows and mesic prairies south of the stream. What was once the least visited place on the farm is now the center of attraction. The wildlife viewing opportunities are incredible!  

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