prescribed fire

Most plant communities we restore in southern Wisconsin require the ecological process of fire to be healthy. Fires from lightning and Native American ignitions were part of the region's history. "Prescribed fire" is the tool we use today to return this lost process back to the land.


Returning fire to the land can be a financial and logistical challenge for landowners - insurance, cost of contracted burns, neighbor concerns, species with conflicting fire management needs, technical and logistical complexities of doing it yourself, not to mention local and state laws governing burning.  


Environmental Returns can partner with you to help break down the complexities of prescribed fire into manageable chunks. Examples include:


  • preparing burn plans

  • determining the ecological objective of the burn

  • "engineering" burn units to reduce needed burn-day resources

  • building customized water-pumping units and related equipment

  • training on techniques and methods to optimize the chance of burn completion during a short burn season window

  • working with, and instructing landowners on their burns



No longer accepting new clients for prescribed fire.




Here is a customized pumper unit for use with a utility vehicle. This particular system is a "hybrid" as it can be used for both prescribed fire and herbicide application.