invasive species management

Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to our natural areas. And this threat is increasing every year as new invasive species arrive. An invasive species typically originates from another continent, and once introduced into our natural areas, quickly outcompetes native species and greatly reduces the biodiversity. 


Environmental Returns has over 25 years of experience battling invasive species. We have learned the key to success is utilizing a combination of control techniques combined with spot-on timing. It's hard work, requires thoroughness, attention to details, and good follow-up. Equally important to implementing the right control methods is an up-front understanding of the needed time and resources to be successful.


Environmental Returns can help you size up your invasive species problem, develop a management timeline within your available resouces, and partner with you to execute the plan for a successful outcome. 


No longer accepting new clients for garlic mustard control.     

Here, David is removing yellow sweet clover from an Oak Savanna. Other common invasives are buckthorn, honeysuckle, garlic mustard, Dame's rocket, crown vetch, reed canary grass. And the list goes on ...