Four Oaks Farm

We have been working with Four Oaks Farm since 2008. At 182 acres, Four Oaks Farm has it all - class II trout stream, prairie remnants, planted prairies, remnant oak savannas and oak woodlands, numerous cold-water springs, shallow warm-water wetlands and remnant sedge meadows.

"David goes far beyond the typical ecological restoration approach. He gets to know your property as well as his own. He analyzes the problems and creates a plan specifically designed to meet the landowner's goal."


"He teaches landowners how to observe, how to listen and how to think about ecology. The landowner is given the tools and encouragement to become an integral part of the restoration process. This leads to a collaboration which can produce large-scale ecological gains as well as increased enjoyment of, and appreciation for, the property."  


~ Kris and Penny Kubly, owners "Four Oaks Farm"

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