frequently asked questions

Why should we restore your land?


This is a question worthy of some thought, and it's unlikely any supporting answers from mainstream society will be found. Reasons for restoring land tend to originate from core values deep within a person, and they often grow stronger over time. Articulating the "why" is difficult, but the following are a few reasons to consider:


  • The nostalgia created by reading descriptive accounts of the landscape from the first settlers of the region can create a sense of loss. Many want to see, and share, examples of this stunning history today.

  • A strong desire to return family lands back to what they were as "when I was a child."

  • Witnessing the continual ecological erosion of our landscapes over a lifetime, and the desire to preserve some "natural heritage" for future generations.

  • Recognizing the privilege of land ownership and the sense of responsibility of being a good land steward.


What should I expect?


Environmental Returns can help you understand and develop a vision for your own ecological restoration journey. Clear expectations and goals in the beginning will provide some comfort as you travel along this path. Nostalgic visions of seas of grass and flowers may fill your thoughts, but the reality is ecological restoration takes time and hard work. The field of restoration ecology is very young, and there is much we don't know.


But with the hardships and unknowns comes opportunity, wonderment, discovery and growth. You will grow closer to your land and develop a sense of belonging, a feeling of something bigger, an earthly grounding that brings peace, contentment and for many, a spiritual connection.


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Why choose Environmental Returns?


Environmental Returns core values come from being landowners. We have struggled, and continue to struggle, with the "why restore" and "what to expect" of ecological restoration. But we have also enjoyed incredible experiences during our ecological restoration journey and recognize our lives are much richer today because of it.


Environmental Returns has long-term, first-hand knowledge that ecological restoration works. We are committed to growing the field of restoration ecology and feel the best way to do this is to empower and enable landowners like you. Environmental Returns recognizes that if we are going to make any significant dent in restoring the ecological health of our lands, we need to have a lot more people involved. Therefore, it is our mission to impart our knowledge to the landowners we serve, and to carve a path within economic and ecologic reach of everyone.