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“ The key to ecological restoration is the landowner; it starts and ends with them. ”
 – David Cordray

Among the reasons Environmental Returns stands out as an ecological restoration company is its owner, David Cordray.

David is a landowner himself, and with his wife, Debra, has worked for years restoring their 100 acres in Dane County, WI.


After more than two decades working as an engineer, David changed careers in 2008, and brought his creative ideas, work ethic & knowledge to natural lands management. 


 He knows the ecology of restoring oak savanna, prairie, wetland & woodlands as a professional. But in restoring his own land, he knows time, money & resources are difficult to find. 


David works with you, the landowner, to understand your desires, wants & resources, and to facilitate fast, efficient and

true "Environmental Returns." 

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